At PayMystic we are committed to protecting your personal and business information. Our Privacy Policy covers three dimensions of private data, including what data is being collected, how that data is protected and how that data is shared.
What data we collect:
With our business partners, PayMystic gathers and collects levels of personal and business information. This information may include names, emails, phone numbers, business addresses, IP addresses, devise used, banking account information, driver license numbers, dates of birth, biometrics (including photos), business relationships, networks, personal preferences, and credit references. This information could be categorized at different levels of sensitivities. PayMystic relies on encrypted data for the highest level of security for our business partners.
How is data protected:

  • PayMystic uses company owned, private server systems to secure any/all data stored, as well as on servers with our banking affiliate providers servers at multiple locations.
  • Additional encrypted data is stored by our CRM service provider & payment gateway partners.
  • All data is encrypted and shared only with our banking affiliates.
  • The collected data is kept for – X years or permanently through our secure server network.
  • Data security is monitored regularly and controlled within the organization. PayMystic administers the highest possible data protection, both internally and with banking affiliates.
  • Our goal is to protect all personal and business related information against potentially malicious software threats as well as secure data against breaches or theft.

How data is shared:
PayMystic will only share information with banking affiliates and merchant service providers. We never publish, allow, post or make available data to any third party businesses or individuals. We do not share data without explicit consent from our business partners. Data is never distributed for research purposes or sold to marketing firms. No data is shared without permission, nor is it used for external commercial purposes. PayMystic does not share any data or information without the expressed written consent of our business partners.
PayMystic is in compliance with GDPR terms and conditions.